How long does it take to read 10,000 words?


Answer: it takes about 40 minutes to read 10,000 words at 250 WPM.

*WPM = Words Per Minute. The average reading speed is 250 WPM. To know your exact speed, do this speed reading test online.

The table below helps you calculate how long it takes to read 10, 1000, or 100000 words based on your reading speed.

Words🐌 Real slow
(150 WPM)
🐢 Slow
(200 WPM)
🐒 Medium
(250 WPM)
🐆 Fast
(325 WPM)
🦅 Real fast
(400+ WPM)
104 sec3 sec2 sec2 sec2 sec
5020 sec15 sec12 sec9 sec8 sec
10040 sec30 sec24 sec18 sec15 sec
2502 min1 min1 min46 sec38 sec
5003 min3 min2 min2 min1 min
1,0007 min5 min4 min3 min3 min
5,00033 min25 min20 min15 min13 min
10,0001 hr 07 min50 min40 min31 min25 min
70,0007 hr 47 min5 hr 50 min4 hr 40 min3 hr 35 min2 hr 55 min
100,00011 hr 07 min8 hr 20 min6 hr 40 min5 hr 08 min4 hr 10 min

The average book contains 70,000 words

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“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” — Stephen King

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